A New Venture in a Town Full of Possibilities

anderson indianaI am so excited to announce that we are branching out and starting to list and show homes in Anderson, Indiana.  Not only are we very familiar with all aspects of the town but we have such confidence in it’s renewal and rejuvenation as a city that we wanted to help represent it the best we could.  Over the past few years Anderson has gotten a bad rap for everything from it’s economy to it’s leaders but we (as well as many, many others) feel that recently Anderson had made a phenomenal come-back and will once again regain the flourishing economy and bustling city streets that populated this town 20 years ago.  While there is no one thing to accredit this come-back to it is in no small part to the cities government, the strong willed citizens that continue to support local businesses, the new businesses that have chosen Anderson as their new home, and last but not least the increase in the housing market.  We hope that with our dedication and expertise we can help illuminate some of the amazing houses that Anderson has to offer and help to continue breathing life into this city with spunk.  We look forward to working with the city and it’s people and encourage you to consider investing in the renewed city of Anderson, Indiana.


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