Looking for Things to Do with Your Kids Over Break? Check Out This Program

While most kids are triumphantly celebrating the start of their long winter break many parents are scrambling to find some activities to help moundskeep their kids busy and out of trouble.  One of the best ideas that I have come across is being offered by Mounds State Park which is offered by the naturalists.  Starting Sat. Dec 28 and running through Sun. Jan. 5th these programs are designed for children of all ages.  The programs range daily from things such as “Try some cool winter experiments at Animal Adaptations” to “See the park’s newest reptile at Baby Snapper Meet ‘n Greet.”  For a full list of events click here.  The best part is that all of these programs are free and the park is not even charging an admission fee at the gate.  Not only is this a fun program for your kids but it is educational and affordable as well! Plus it’s a whole lot better than letting them zone out in front of tv for the next 10 days!

A Charming 2 Bedroom Home for Under $60,000!

delaware1Sometimes it seems that you can snag the best real estate deals in these cold winter months and this well maintained 2 bedroom home on Delaware Street is no exception.  For less per month than most rentals, you delaware2can own this adorable home that sits on a corner lot surrounded by the ideal white picket fence.  In addition to the astoundingly low asking price this home has multiple recent updates and includes all appliances, front load washer and dryer and a dinette.  The basement would be ideal as a kids play room or storage.  To top it off this property offers a home warranty! So take advantage of this priced to sell home and set up your tour today! If you have any questions or are interested in more information please feel free to contact us.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Giving a Gift that Truly Makes a Difference This Year

If you are anything like me you have those certain people on your Christmas list that are impossible to buy for.  Either they are incredibly picky moundsmallor they already have everything they want or need.  Instead of wasting your money and their space on some little nick-knack they will feel obligated to display whenever you stop by, why not put that money to good use and make a difference in our community.  This Saturday (Dec.14th) from 11:00am until 2:00pm Mounds Mall will be hosting the Season of Giving Gift Fair which is sponsored by the Leadership Academy of Madison County.  At this incredibly unique gift fair you can buy “virtual gifts” such as a bag of food, medicine for a sick animal, or school supplies for underprivileged children.  Whatever your passion or the passion for whom you are buying there is sure to be a charity at the mall that needs your support.  In fact there are going to be 16 local non-profits on hand for you to choose from.  What a great way to let someone know you are thinking about them over Christmas and be able to make a difference all in one.  This is an ideal event to take your children to to teach them the importance of giving back and helping those who are less fortunate.  Plus this will be one of the very rare times that your Christmas gifts are tax deductible 🙂  Additionally, donations will be matched by the ever generous Hoosier Park! I hope to see all of you there spreading Christmas joy and helping to improve our community one donation at a time!

Thinking About Giving a Puppy for Christmas? Think Again!

doginsantahatAs a full blown supporter of animal adoption and rescue it may surprise you to hear that as a general rule I usually frown on the idea of giving a pet as a Christmas gift.  While saving an animal from the shelter is a top priority for me I also am acutely aware of all the responsibility that comes with pet ownership.  Before you decide to give a four-legged friend as a gift here are some things you should consider.

First of all, if this is a gift for a grandchild, friend, neighbor, etc make sure that all members of the family are on board with the potential adoption of the cat or dog.  Springing this sort of surprise on anyone can cause for a great deal of resentment and unfortunately often times ends in the animal being returned to the shelter due to no fault of its own.  To avoid situations such as those, after talking to each family member, you need to figure out the best type of dog for the families lifestyle.  For example, different breeds have different needs and personalities.  If members in the family love to run and will take the dogs on many walks then a higher energy dog may be the ticket.  If however, they are incredibly busy and have limited amount of time to walk or groom the dog then maybe a lower energy dog with low maintenance grooming habits may be best.

Another issue that comes along with “springing” a dog on a family is their understandable lack of necessary pet supplies.  These items such as a collar, leash, pet bowls, food, brushes, and crates are essential to making the adoption transition successful.  It is only with planning and preparation that a family can be fully ready for the addition of a furry friend.

So while the idea of a fluffy little dog with a bow around it’s neck is adorable in commercials, just remember that in real life this scenario does not play out quite as well.  As well meaning as your gift may be, and as desperate as many shelters are to find homes for their adoptable dogs and cats, it may be best to avoid live animal gifts unless discussed in advance with all parties.

With all of that being said if you are still wanting to help the poor animals that are stuck in the shelter over the holidays there are many ways in which you can do so.  Donating treats and bones is a great way to give some joy to these bundles of fur!  You could also consider fostering a dog or cat over the holidays so that they have a warm, cozy place to enjoy Christmas morning.  Blankets and supplies are always in demand as well and could certainly improve the quality of life of many of these shelter animals.  Check the APL’s website for fundraisers, wishlists, and ways volunteers can help!  Merry Christmas!

A Home for All You Pet Lovers Out There!

womananddogpmWould you buy a house because it suited your dog or because your cat seemed comfortable there?  Well according to real estate trend predictor Tara-Nicholle Nelson, we as a society are becoming more focused on our pets wants and needs and many of us have already taken our four legged family members into consideration when shopping for a home.  In fact a recent survey found that 76% of Americans with dogs consider themselves “pet parents” rather than dog owners.  With so many of us considering our pets part of the family it only makes sense that this will infiltrate the house buying process.  For example many dog owners will be specifically looking for a large, fenced in yard while house hunting while others will look at proximity to parks in the same way many people look at school districts.  The prediction is that there will also be amenities geared specifically towards those “pet parents” such as built in pet showers and dedicated pet potty areas.  As a “pet parent” myself these are trends that I can totally get behind.  What about you?  Would you base your home buying decision on your pet?

Getting in the Holiday Spirit in Anderson

treesFor any of you who attended the Christmas parade and events downtown Anderson this year you can vouch for the effort that the city has put into making Anderson a more community centered and festive town.  This is also true at the historic Paramount Theatre and Ballroom downtown Anderson on Meridian Street where they are hosting the Festival of the Trees.   If you are looking for some inspiration on decorating your tree or just want to see some of the fun and creative ways others have adorned theirs traintrackthis is the perfect place to go.  Not only is there there numerous trees on display but there is also a quite amazing train display complete with a full village.  This is certainly no ordinary train set as it spans over the entire circumference of the room and highlights multiple Anderson establishments, hospitals, city streets, etc.  The kids will love watching these trains go around the tracks.  The festival takes place the rest of this week from 4:00pm-7:00pm and on Saturday the last day from 12:00-7:00.  This is just one of the many must-sees in Anderson this year.  Plus the beautiful trees make for a wonderful backdrop for those Christmas card photos!