A Home for All You Pet Lovers Out There!

womananddogpmWould you buy a house because it suited your dog or because your cat seemed comfortable there?  Well according to real estate trend predictor Tara-Nicholle Nelson, we as a society are becoming more focused on our pets wants and needs and many of us have already taken our four legged family members into consideration when shopping for a home.  In fact a recent survey found that 76% of Americans with dogs consider themselves “pet parents” rather than dog owners.  With so many of us considering our pets part of the family it only makes sense that this will infiltrate the house buying process.  For example many dog owners will be specifically looking for a large, fenced in yard while house hunting while others will look at proximity to parks in the same way many people look at school districts.  The prediction is that there will also be amenities geared specifically towards those “pet parents” such as built in pet showers and dedicated pet potty areas.  As a “pet parent” myself these are trends that I can totally get behind.  What about you?  Would you base your home buying decision on your pet?


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