Dips that Are Perfect for Your Upcoming Super Bowl Party

With the big game less than 2 weeks away, now is a good time to get your delicious Super Bowl menu planned.  And while pizza and wings are always a hit it seems that the food is gone by the 2nd quarter and it can be expensive to feed everyone this way.  Dips on the other hand, feed a lot of people and you can make a variety of different dips for a reasonable price.  Listed below are some of my favorite dips to serve to a crowd! I’d love to hear some of the Super Bowl recipes you plan to make this year! pizzadip

* Pizza Dip: This delicious dip goes much further than a typical pizza would.  Served with a sliced up baguette it is also just as filling as the real thing!

* Mexican Cheeseburger Dip: This is another dip that makes a wonderful substitute for the more expensive process of making cheeseburgers for everyone.

* BLT Dip: Bacon… need I say more?

* Individual 7 Layer Dips: This yummy dip is perfect if you have someone that tends to eat all the food or even worse, double dips! Plus the cute individual cups allow people to carry around their own little snack.

* Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Dip: With all the flavors and spice of the other dips having a dessert dip is a must.  You can use vanilla wafers or teddy grahams for dipping.  This is a huge hit with the kids as well!

Have a Favorite in Madison County? Here Is Your Chance to Show It

My last post was asking you about your favorite pizza place in Anderson and the results were across the board with Scampy’s taking a slight madisoncountylead.  With that being said the time of year is here again to start the nominations for The Best of Madison County.  This annual survey allows for you the consumer to give praise (and hopefully future business) to all of your favorite businesses and professionals in and around town.  The categories range from the best hamburger to the best dentist and everything in between.  It is always nice to be able to recognize those businesses or people that help to make Anderson great.  Click here to nominate those who have made a positive impact on you in the past year! Make sure to hurry because nominations are due Jan.22nd and then the final round of voting will begin.  Make sure to let your voice and opinion be heard.

If You Are What You Eat Than Call Me Pizza

There are few foods out there that instill the excitement and anticipation in eaters young and old quite the same way that pizza does.  In fact it is pizzapmpretty impossible to have a “bad piece of pizza.”  With that being said there are those pizzas that stand out above the rest, the kind that have a uniqueness and flavor that seems impossible to replicate.  Fortunately for me and other pizza lovers alike there are a plethora of amazing pizza joints in Anderson.  While the typical Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and Pizza King’s are all delicious in their own way I am partial to the local pizza places that each contribute their own flare. Out of pure curiosity I am wondering what you all think is the best pizza locale in town.  Choose your answer below!

Decorating Using Things You Already Have

Decorating your home can be an expensive endeavor, especially when trends and styles change so quickly.  Why not use some of the things you have around the house or have already been collecting to make a statement piece, an accent wall, or a conversational piece without coffeemugwallinvesting a fortune?  Here are a few of my favorite, inexpensive ways that people have decorated their homes.  I would love to hear/see some of your ideas as well.

* The coffee mug wall:  Most of us can relate to having multiple coffee mugs that are mismatched.  Instead of hiding them in a cabinet why not embrace the uniqueness of each mug and display them on rows of shelving.  This would be ideal for a statement wall in a breakfast nook or even the blank space above the sink.  Short on mugs? Most rummage sales I’ve ever seen have a mug or two in them and Goodwill is a treasure trove of discarded coffee mugs.

jewelryframe* Why just show off your fun and colorful jewelry when you are wearing it? Jewelry is a modern and quirky way to decorate your bedroom.  All you need is some empty picture frames to hang on the wall.  Make sure that you have removed the glass and backing to the frames.  With small finishing nails, tacks, or pins simply hang your jewelry from the wall inside of the frame.  It looks even better when you pair like jewelry together and similar colors together.  key

* If you are looking to create a simple, inexpensive, but eye catching piece of art work than look no further than some old skeleton keys.  These are another good flea market find.  To create this one of a kind look outline an area in pencil that you want to include the keys in.  Hang the keys facing every which way within the parameters of the outline.  Once you are finished hanging all of the keys you will have a wonderful conversational piece of decor!