Decorating Using Things You Already Have

Decorating your home can be an expensive endeavor, especially when trends and styles change so quickly.  Why not use some of the things you have around the house or have already been collecting to make a statement piece, an accent wall, or a conversational piece without coffeemugwallinvesting a fortune?  Here are a few of my favorite, inexpensive ways that people have decorated their homes.  I would love to hear/see some of your ideas as well.

* The coffee mug wall:  Most of us can relate to having multiple coffee mugs that are mismatched.  Instead of hiding them in a cabinet why not embrace the uniqueness of each mug and display them on rows of shelving.  This would be ideal for a statement wall in a breakfast nook or even the blank space above the sink.  Short on mugs? Most rummage sales I’ve ever seen have a mug or two in them and Goodwill is a treasure trove of discarded coffee mugs.

jewelryframe* Why just show off your fun and colorful jewelry when you are wearing it? Jewelry is a modern and quirky way to decorate your bedroom.  All you need is some empty picture frames to hang on the wall.  Make sure that you have removed the glass and backing to the frames.  With small finishing nails, tacks, or pins simply hang your jewelry from the wall inside of the frame.  It looks even better when you pair like jewelry together and similar colors together.  key

* If you are looking to create a simple, inexpensive, but eye catching piece of art work than look no further than some old skeleton keys.  These are another good flea market find.  To create this one of a kind look outline an area in pencil that you want to include the keys in.  Hang the keys facing every which way within the parameters of the outline.  Once you are finished hanging all of the keys you will have a wonderful conversational piece of decor!


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