Dips that Are Perfect for Your Upcoming Super Bowl Party

With the big game less than 2 weeks away, now is a good time to get your delicious Super Bowl menu planned.  And while pizza and wings are always a hit it seems that the food is gone by the 2nd quarter and it can be expensive to feed everyone this way.  Dips on the other hand, feed a lot of people and you can make a variety of different dips for a reasonable price.  Listed below are some of my favorite dips to serve to a crowd! I’d love to hear some of the Super Bowl recipes you plan to make this year! pizzadip

* Pizza Dip: This delicious dip goes much further than a typical pizza would.  Served with a sliced up baguette it is also just as filling as the real thing!

* Mexican Cheeseburger Dip: This is another dip that makes a wonderful substitute for the more expensive process of making cheeseburgers for everyone.

* BLT Dip: Bacon… need I say more?

* Individual 7 Layer Dips: This yummy dip is perfect if you have someone that tends to eat all the food or even worse, double dips! Plus the cute individual cups allow people to carry around their own little snack.

* Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Dip: With all the flavors and spice of the other dips having a dessert dip is a must.  You can use vanilla wafers or teddy grahams for dipping.  This is a huge hit with the kids as well!


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