Pinterest: The Perfect Site for the Home Buyer, Owner, and Seller

For those of you not familiar with Pinterest be prepared to instantly lose 4 hours of your life as you get sucked into the depths andpinpm treasure trove of information that is called “Pins”.  For you readers who are already familiar with Pinterest you can attest to it’s usefulness in discovering new ideas, decorating tips, how to organize your home, recipes, and just about anything else you could possibly want to know.  With that being said, I am excited to announce the creation of “The Real Estate Pros” Pinterest page.  Not only will you be able to follow our home decorating, dream home ideas, and curb appeal boards but we will also be posting boards about the town of Pendleton as well as the city of Anderson.  In addition, we will be posting all of our new listings with additional information about these properties on our boards.  Sporadically we will have contests through Pinterest where you can win money, gift cards, and gifts.  Don’t miss out on these home tips and tricks as well as up to the minute information! Plus we look forward to seeing your pins as well! Click here to browse our boards: Don’t forget to follow!


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