Fun, Indoor Places to Bring the Kids Right Here in Anderson

Let’s face it, according to the weather channel (and the even more reliable groundhog) old man winter is going to be sticking kidwindowpmaround for quite a bit longer.  It is at times like these that cabin fever really starts to kick in and it can almost seem like the walls are closing in on you and the kids.  Instead of suffering through the winter months why not get out and enjoy some of the fun, kid friendly places right in our own backyard.

The first place that I highly recommend taking your rambunctious, energetic little ones is Bonzo’s Fun Zone in the Anderson Mall.  This is essentially a spacious play area for kids featuring blow up fun houses, obstacle courses, arcade games, pool tables, and smaller children’s play equipment.  While it not only guarantees hours of fun it also provides a place for kids to burn some long bottled up energy.  At a very reasonable $7.00 per child (adults are free) this is a great place for a play date!

The next place that I suggest checking out this winter is the Anderson Roll Arena.  This is another wonderful place for kids to get that much needed physical activity.  It is also a very affordable afternoon activity that offers an array of fun options to keep even the shortest attention span occupied.

Last but not least the Anderson Public Library is a wonderful destination to snuggle up and read a book on a cold winters day.  Check out the entire calendar of events that our community focused library offers! There is truly something for everyone (even a “Boogie Woogie Babies Class” for babies 0-2 years).  Not only is this a great place to take the kids for some entertainment but it allows us as adults to converse with other parents and have that rare adult conversation!


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