A House for Your Health

 may11It is not too often that you hear about the health benefits that can come from purchasing a new home but that’s because there aren’t many homes on the market quite as remarkable as this beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home in Pendleton.  And how is a house good for your overall health you may ask?  Well for starters this home boasts over 3700 square feet so simply maneuvering around your home will help you burn calories and get you moving!

Beyond just moving around this house can also help with your waistline by may22featuring a culinary inspired kitchen with a huge granite island.  Having the space and means to cook and create healthy meals helps to motivate even the most novice of chefs to feed their family home cooked meals.  With a beautiful dining room that opens to the large and spacious living room you have the perfect place to entertain.  As we all know, maintaining close friendships is not only rewarding in itself but helps your mental health by keeping you happy and involved.  When it comes to your health you cannot overlook your need for peace and serenity and with the beautiful master bedroom with equally as beautiful and relaxing master bedroom overlooking your breathtaking wooded lot, you will feel your stresses melt away. 

Last but not least anxiety is a real drag on your mental health as well as your overall health and one of the biggest contributors to anxiety is clutter and disorganization.  Luckily with this home you will never have to worry about not having enough closet space, storage, or organization again.  Not only does this house have not one but two laundry rooms to help keep your clothes organized and clean but it also features a mud room with built in planning desk and cubbies, especially handy for busy parents.  So do something good for you for a change and consider this one of a kind home for a lifetime of health and happiness. 


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