Keeping Your Night-Time Dessert While Sticking to Your Diet: Here’s How

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a full fledge sweet-aholic.  The idea of giving up my beloved desserts nearly brings a tear to my healthysnackspmeye.  I am on the other hand dedicated to working out and hate the idea of undoing all of my hard work at bedtime by binging on icecream and cookies.  So instead of spending the nights dreaming about a yummy dessert I looked up some low calorie sweets and wanted to share with you a couple of my favorite.  I promise these taste just as good (and sometimes even better) than their full calorie counterparts.

The first recipe is for frozen chocolate dipped bananas.  All you need is bananas, semi-sweet chocolate chips, some salted peanuts, and if you prefer a popsicle stick.  Simply melt the chocolate chips and dip half of a banana into the chocolate.  Before the chocolate has completely hardened you can sprinkle on some chopped up peanuts (or even your favorite cereal).  Place the bananas in the freezer.  I love having these on hand and ready for when my sweet tooth strikes.

The next recipe is another simple one for cinnamon baked apples.  The only ingredients that you need for this low calorie sweet is apples, cinnamon, sugar, and a mandolin for slicing very thin slices.  While most grocery store bought apple chips are deep fried these are baked for a much healthier version with the same great taste.  Just follow this recipe for easy and delicious snacks on the go.

My last simple, low calorie dessert favorite is dark chocolate nut clusters.  With just 2 simple ingredients of dark chocolate and whole almonds.  To make these just line a baking sheet with a nonstick baking mat and place a teaspoon of melted chocolate on the mat.  Top these teaspoons with a small handful of almonds and drizzle the top with a tablespoon of the chocolate.  Repeat this process and refrigerate until firm.


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