Thrifty Thursday (Feb.27th)

Another installment of some of the best deals I have found this week to help decorate your home, give as a gift, or brighten your day!

* 1000 Thread count 100% Egyptian cotton Sheets: This groupon deal may not seem like such a “deal” initially at $99.00 but for recycleanyone who has ever invested in good sheets, like really good sheets you can attest that it is money well spent.  It seems like we are willing to spend money on a cool pair of shoes that we may wear 3 times a month or on a fabulous dinner that we get to enjoy once but then seem to skimp on items that we use everyday (or every night in this case).  I can’t recommend Egyptian cotton sheets enough!

* 30 Liter Dual-Compartment Recycling Bin: Another Groupon deal this recycling bin helps keep you environmentally friendly in style.  This would also make a wonderful house warming gift!

* Last but not least I want to encourage you use the Target mobile coupons.  Starting on 3/2 there will be a $20 off $50 on select household products!  Click here for full details!


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