Shopping Local No Longer Means Making Sacrifices: A Touch of Europe is The Perfect Example

decorpm Do you remember when talking about buying sophisticated decor, high quality furniture, or European flare meant traveling at the very least to Indianapolis or even Chicago.  Which is why it is so exciting that now with the store “A Touch of Europe” establishing itself in Pendleton we can find all of the above right here in town!  This spacious store features beautiful and modern furniture from the likes of Italy and Germany.  The authenticness of these pieces is evident from the moment you walk in the door.  There are also a wide variety of intricate rugs that would add depth and intrigue into any room in your house.  In addition to the furniture is the vibrant art work and statement decor pieces that would certainly act as conversational pieces over dinner.  The selection here is certainly something you cannot find anywhere else and the quality and craftsmanship to these pieces will lead you to believe that the entire store is expensive.  Thankfully I took the time to look at the prices and was shocouchpmcked at how reasonable some of these imported art works, decor, and furniture were.  In fact with the quality, beauty, and functionality of the furniture I could confidently say you could get a better deal here than at some of these run of the mill furniture stores.  So next time you are downtown Pendleton stop in and check out the ever changing and evolving inventory and lets continue to support these local stores in our hometown!


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