Historic Anderson Home Returned to Original Splendor

Do you ever sit back and long for the good ole days?  The days when gas didn’t cost an arm and a leg, when neighbors were friends,  and 907 w 8th stpmwhen kids had an inherit respect for their elders.  Well we don’t exactly have a working time machine but we do have a house on the market that can at least momentarily transport you back to a simpler time (but with modern conveniences, so the best of both worlds).  This beautifully renovated historic home is located on 8th St. in Anderson and features a great deal of custom additions as well as original pieces such as the custom cabinetry and lighting and the hardwood floors are the restored originals.  Just walking through the door you get the sense of history and hardwood that went into making this one of the most beautiful interiors in all of Anderson.  It is the perfect combination of old world glamor and new world comfort that creates the ideal atmosphere for any family.  And unlike many other older homes this one comes equipped with a new furnace, water heater, plumbing, and electric so that it will function like a newer up-to-date home but still possess the character of an older home.  This is truly a sight to see so if you want to set up your own tour contact me ASAP as this one won’t last long.


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