A Handy Checklist of Things to Look For While Walking Through a Home

It’s easy to get caught up in the ambiance of a house, the energy of an open house, or get focused on one amazing feature in a home that you start the-real-estate-pros-logoto totally ignore some of the essential things that you should be focused on.  That is why I have found that carrying a list such as this one helps you to stay on track, take important notes to hash over later, and be able to do a quick assessment of each home.  This also helps keep houses from running together in your mind.  After the 5th or 6th home you start to forget which house had which problem or which home had most of the amenities that you were looking for.  Next house you visit bring this checklist along:

* Look at the roof.  If it appears to be newer you are probably safe but if it appears to need a bit of work it may end up costing you quite a bit.  Plus if it is a newer roof your homeowners insurance may be lower.

* Open the cabinet below the sink.  This will help you see any leaks or mold issues that could also be costly to repair.

* Walk the exterior of the property.  While most people focus on the house you need to determine if the house is prone to flooding or if the fence needs extensive repairs.

* Turn on everything.  This means light switches, flush toilets, turn on sinks.  You may even want to taste the water.

* Check the hot water system.  You will want to see if it is big enough for your family.  A family will need a bigger system than a single person and so on.  If it’s a gas system check for the systems last servicing.

* Open and shut the windows.  See if they open and close easily.  Replacing windows can be a costly investment.

* Check if there are unusual shaped rooms.  Some of these may prove hard to furnish.

* Check for wall outlets.  In older homes there are sometimes only one or two in the entire room.  This will become a hindrance once you are trying to plug in your computer, tv, phone, ipad, lamp, alarm clock, printer, etc…

Things to Overlook:

* Outdated carpet.  While it makes a big impact on the room it can easily replaced at an affordable price.

* Paint: While exterior paint may be a bit more costly, you can repaint a room in your house for much less and certainly shouldn’t be a reason to not purchase a home if everything else is up to your standards.

* Outdated Kitchen cabinets: Cabinet resurfacing can be done very inexpensively.

* Old or ugly window treatments: It can certainly have an impact on a room but you can easily purchase new window treatments and give the whole room an update!

The Impact that Pets Can Have When Selling Your Home

If you are anything like me your dog is like family.  You would do anything in your power to protect them and keep them happy.  Unfortunately, petodor dogsometimes your four legged friend can be somewhat of a hindrance when it comes to selling your home.  But there are some ways to eliminate the issues that come along with having a pet and selling a house that will make your home selling experience quicker and easier.

* Eliminate all pet smells! Nothing is more off putting than walking into a potential new home and being hit in the face with a pungent, sometimes unbearable smell.  As a dog owner myself I can attest to the fact that I have become accustom to the smell so bringing in an honest friend to tell you if it stinks is key.  Before every open house or showing you will want to light a candle, open the windows, spray fabric freshener, etc to help mask and eliminate the smells.  To get at the source of the smell make sure to keep your dog clean and odor free himself.  And if the odors are too overpowering you may need to remove and replace the carpets in the house.

* Clean Up Your Yard! I can think of very few bigger turn-offs than stepping in a pile of dog waste while walking up to or around a house.  This impression alone that a potential buyer gets can deter them from even considering your home.  The same goes for keeping litter boxes clean, odor free, and preferably out of sight.

* Fix all pet related damage before listing your home!  Pets of any sort are prone to causing some sort of damage in a home whether it be a cat clawing at the walls or a dog that has scratched up the door frame.  It is important to tend to these issues so that the potential buyer doesn’t think that the house has been destroyed by a pet.

* Remove the pet for any and all showings!  This rule is particularly important as it can ruin a perspective buyers interest almost immediately.  This is especially true if someone is afraid of dogs.  The only thing they will be thinking is about the dog and not at looking around your home.  Plus no one can truly concentrate with a barking dog scratching at the garage door or a cat that is weaving around your feet.

* Bottom line: Try and Pretend Like You Don’t Have a Pet! While if a buyer outright asks if there is a pet there is no sense in lying, the goal is to lead them to believe there is no pet.  This means hiding all food/water bowls, crates, litter boxes, even pictures of the pet so that the buyer does not go looking for pet damage.

Houses in the Area for Under 100k

Becoming a home owner doesn’t mean you need to spend more than you can afford.  In fact, I can’t stress enough how you should stay within your greenfield homebudget in order to have a pleasant home buying and home owning experience.  I can certainly understand the appeal of buying a home that fits all of your needs but did you know that you can stick within your budget while purchasing the home that is ideal for you and your family?  In fact here are a few of our current listings that are priced very reasonably under 100k but also contain many of the features, space, and location that most potential home-owners are searching for.

* 55 Oak Ct…Greenfield: This beautiful 2 bedroom, 2 full bathroom brick home has a specious floor plan, a one car attached garage and is conveniently located in a cul-de-sac which cuts drastically down on traffic.  This is a steal at only $95,900!

* 1202 Flatrock Dr…Anderson: This 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home has a privacy fenced in back yard and a beautiful wood deck, perfect for entertaining! With walk in closets and a garden tub you will certainly not be giving up any luxury in this home! This is amazingly still priced at under $100,000!

* 209 N John St….Pendleton: This 2 bedroom brick home is bursting with charm and character.  Not only does it have the original hardwood floors in the dining room and bedrooms but it also has newer windows and roof.  Sitting on 2 city lots this home offers you all of the amenities and ideal location that you are looking for in a home! Plus the price is right at $94,900!

* 612 S Broadway St…Pendleton: This cozy 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home is ideal for the first time home buyer or empty nesters.  It has a great little fenced in back yard with a covered patio and garden area.  The location allows for walking distance to in town Pendleton!  Plus with a price tag of 79,900 you will certainly get your moneys worth.

More Great Listings Under 100k:

709 Ernie Lu…Anderson

2735 Moore Rd…Anderson

2428 Central Ave…Anderson

4824 Columbus Ave…Anderson

4613 Mac Dr…Anderson

Improve Your Curb Appeal in 2 Hours or Less

Every realtor can attest that improving your curb appeal is one of the best ways to sell your home.  If you can’t get people to take interest in  your projects with texthome from the outside there is a slim chance they will be interested in seeing the inside.  The great part about it is that you don’t need to spend a lot of time, money, or effort to make a big impact.  Here are some of the easiest and most effective weekend projects that you can do to in 2 hours or less.

* Eliminate all Clutter:  While it may be easier to leave the kids bicycles, the watering cans, and your yard tools in the yard, it automatically makes the potential buyer assume that since the yard isn’t clean than the house wouldn’t be either.  Keeping your clutter under control gives the impression that you keep your house neat and tidy.

* Give Your Mailbox a Make Over: It’s amazing what a big difference that a fresh coat of paint will make on your mailbox.  As people are driving and trying to find your address one of the first things that they look at is your mailbox.  If it is faded, chipped, or falling apart it is the first thing that they will think about the rest of your home.  In as little as an hour you could freshen it up with an inexpensive can of spray paint!

* Update or Replace Your Front Door: The front door is obviously the first step to getting inside your home.  If the door squeaks, has a flimsy door handle, or shows a ton of wear and tear it does not give the best first impression.  Head down to your local hardware store and buy new hardware for the door, something that makes a statement.  Remove the door from the hinges and slap on a fresh coat of paint, preferably an eye catching hue.  Once your done the impact will immediately be obvious!

* Plant Flowers:  You don’t need to revamp your entire landscaping but adding a few tulips here and some brightly colored daisies there are very attention grabbing and can make a whole yard appear manicured. And speaking of yards, it’s always a good idea to keep your yard regularly mowed when you are trying to sell.

garagedoor * Adding Hardware To Your Garage Door: As you can see in the photo, adding a few well placed brackets make the entire door appear more expensive, sturdy, and adds style to the exterior of your home!

Warm Weather Fun in Anderson

While there are some things you can only do when it’s snowing, sledding, skiing, snow ball fights; I am more than prepared to give all that up to start anderson in summer picsenjoying some of the “warm weather only” experiences in Anderson.  One of my favorite things I look forward during the warmer weather in town is the opening of Gene’s Rootbeer stand and Frazier’s.  Hardly a week goes by that I don’t find myself at one of these restaurants either craving a chili dog or wanting to celebrate the summer with a crunch dipped cone.  Another must do activity that is only around when the snow is not is the live horse racing at Hoosier Park Racing and Casino.  While the gambling itself is an adult only activity the whole family can enjoy sitting outdoors and watching these amazing animals as they rush around the track.  If you are looking for some more family fun then you can’t beat the Applewood Raceway go carting.  Yet another warm weather only favorite! As the weather continues to get warmer we will start to see the opening of the local pools! With a couple to choose from in Anderson you are sure to find one close to home to serve as a great place to cool off and socialize.  Last but not least one of the things that I am most looking forward to is the return of the Farmers Market.  I love buying and supporting locally and feel better knowing where my food is coming from.  The city of Anderson has really assisted in the creation of the local Farmers market and there is always tons of booths and goodies to browse.  This is the ideal Saturday morning tradition to begin with your family.  What are some of the things you are most looking forward to as the temperatures continue to climb?

The Weather Was Frightful but the Housing Recovery Will Be Delightful

I’m sure I am not telling you anything new when I say that the harsh winter we had did not do any favors for the housing market.  In fact, February of housesforsaleposterthis year compared to February of last year the number of closed home sales decreased a whopping 13.1%.  While this is certainly a big decrease it is important to remember that weather really does play a big part in this and the market itself is alive and well.  Low inventory was also a culprit in the negative numbers that hit us this winter but that also can be blamed on many people not wanting to list their home in the snow.  Now that winter is officially over it is a whole new ball game.  The good news is that home values remained in-tact and all predictions point to a booming year in real estate if the inventory increases.

With that being said I cannot stress enough how this is a wonderful year as a seller.  The housing prices are rising so those of you who have wanted to sell but initially thought you were underwater on your mortgage, you may finally be able to get out from under your house.  Putting your house up for sale this spring/summer is definitely a wise idea since it is always hard to determine if the housing market will remain steady next year or the year after.  What we do know is that for now things are looking positive and housing prices have nearly completely recovered from the years and years of the housing market crash.

If you are wondering what your house could be listed for, wanting to know how we can market your home using multiple forms of advertising and social media marketing, or want advice on what to do to get your home ready to sell, my team would be happy to come out and do a free analysis on your home.  Our no pressure approach will allow you to make the best financial decision for you and your family and allow you to make all decisions regarding the sale of your home.  We look forward to hearing from you!