Warm Weather Fun in Anderson

While there are some things you can only do when it’s snowing, sledding, skiing, snow ball fights; I am more than prepared to give all that up to start anderson in summer picsenjoying some of the “warm weather only” experiences in Anderson.  One of my favorite things I look forward during the warmer weather in town is the opening of Gene’s Rootbeer stand and Frazier’s.  Hardly a week goes by that I don’t find myself at one of these restaurants either craving a chili dog or wanting to celebrate the summer with a crunch dipped cone.  Another must do activity that is only around when the snow is not is the live horse racing at Hoosier Park Racing and Casino.  While the gambling itself is an adult only activity the whole family can enjoy sitting outdoors and watching these amazing animals as they rush around the track.  If you are looking for some more family fun then you can’t beat the Applewood Raceway go carting.  Yet another warm weather only favorite! As the weather continues to get warmer we will start to see the opening of the local pools! With a couple to choose from in Anderson you are sure to find one close to home to serve as a great place to cool off and socialize.  Last but not least one of the things that I am most looking forward to is the return of the Farmers Market.  I love buying and supporting locally and feel better knowing where my food is coming from.  The city of Anderson has really assisted in the creation of the local Farmers market and there is always tons of booths and goodies to browse.  This is the ideal Saturday morning tradition to begin with your family.  What are some of the things you are most looking forward to as the temperatures continue to climb?


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