The Impact that Pets Can Have When Selling Your Home

If you are anything like me your dog is like family.  You would do anything in your power to protect them and keep them happy.  Unfortunately, petodor dogsometimes your four legged friend can be somewhat of a hindrance when it comes to selling your home.  But there are some ways to eliminate the issues that come along with having a pet and selling a house that will make your home selling experience quicker and easier.

* Eliminate all pet smells! Nothing is more off putting than walking into a potential new home and being hit in the face with a pungent, sometimes unbearable smell.  As a dog owner myself I can attest to the fact that I have become accustom to the smell so bringing in an honest friend to tell you if it stinks is key.  Before every open house or showing you will want to light a candle, open the windows, spray fabric freshener, etc to help mask and eliminate the smells.  To get at the source of the smell make sure to keep your dog clean and odor free himself.  And if the odors are too overpowering you may need to remove and replace the carpets in the house.

* Clean Up Your Yard! I can think of very few bigger turn-offs than stepping in a pile of dog waste while walking up to or around a house.  This impression alone that a potential buyer gets can deter them from even considering your home.  The same goes for keeping litter boxes clean, odor free, and preferably out of sight.

* Fix all pet related damage before listing your home!  Pets of any sort are prone to causing some sort of damage in a home whether it be a cat clawing at the walls or a dog that has scratched up the door frame.  It is important to tend to these issues so that the potential buyer doesn’t think that the house has been destroyed by a pet.

* Remove the pet for any and all showings!  This rule is particularly important as it can ruin a perspective buyers interest almost immediately.  This is especially true if someone is afraid of dogs.  The only thing they will be thinking is about the dog and not at looking around your home.  Plus no one can truly concentrate with a barking dog scratching at the garage door or a cat that is weaving around your feet.

* Bottom line: Try and Pretend Like You Don’t Have a Pet! While if a buyer outright asks if there is a pet there is no sense in lying, the goal is to lead them to believe there is no pet.  This means hiding all food/water bowls, crates, litter boxes, even pictures of the pet so that the buyer does not go looking for pet damage.


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