The Top 5 Great Reasons to Live in Pendleton

I’m sure for most of you are already very well aware of the amazing things that Pendleton has to offer as a town. And I know that everyone has ptown with textdifferent things that they love about our charming town… here are my 5 favorite reasons and I look forward to hearing your reasons as well.

* The school system: South Madison Community Schools are some of the highest rated in the state and house some of the most innovative and dedicated teachers.
* Falls Park: Year round the park offers beautiful scenery and tons of funs for kids and adults alike. Between playing on the playground, fishing, watching games at the ball diamonds down the street, and walking the paths you could spend an entire fun filled day at the park. Not to mention the Farmers market, Heritage Fair, and all of the other fun festivals and events they
* The downtown shopping. The entire atmosphere that comes with walking downtown is spectacular. Plus the wonderful shopping that we have right now is unbeatable.
* Jimmies Dairy Bar, Puzzles, The Bank Restaurant, Anita’s Kitchen, The Diner, Real Hacienda, Sahms, etc… What can I say? I love good food!
* THE PEOPLE: Of course I saved the best for last! It is few and far between that I run into anyone that is less than friendly, smiling, and helpful! If you live in Pendleton chances are you have some of the greatest neighbors there are!


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