Your Dream Home is Here

There are certain qualities or amenities that a home has to have in order to be considered a “dream home.”  Often times a gourmet kitchen with solid surface turf pic with textcounter-tops, 2 ovens, and a large island is a must in someone’s “dream home.” Other items may include walk-in closets in each bedroom, an upstairs laundry room, a 3 car attached garage, and a jacuzzi tub! A 3-tiered deck is something else on the short list of wants of many home seekers as well as over 4,500 square feet of space.  Having a modern look but remaining classic is a decor desire that most home buyers are looking for and a state of the art security system to protect your investment is a must.  It is rare that one home would contain all of these amazing characteristics but that is just the case in this beautiful, brick home in Anderson.  Be sure to set up your personal tour now before this “dream home” disappears from the market! Contact us now!

Fun, Fourth, Festive, Foods: Perfect for Your Cookout

Now is the time to start prepping for your Fourth of July cookout.  And whether you are hosting it or attending one it is always fun to wow your felldeviled eggs with borderow attendees with a festive take on a delicious dish.  Here are a few ideas that will be sure to make you the hit of the cookout.

* Red, White and Blue Deviled Eggs:  If you are anything like me, deviled eggs are one of the best parts of a cookout/pitch-in dinner.  You can turn these food favorites into a red, white, and blue piece of art with simple food coloring.  Hard boil, peel, and halve your eggs like usual but before adding the filling drop the egg whites into red or blue food coloring while leaving some white as well and then set out to dry.  Fill eggs as usual and then display in the pattern of a flag.  The final result is patriotic and delicious!

* Red, White and Blue Fruit Salad: This salad is as simple as it is delicious.  With the added feta crumbles this salad has a lot of depth and a bevvy of different flavors.  This is sure to be a favorite even when it is not the Fourth of July! (If you don’t want to mix together as a salad you can also display in the pattern of a fruit flag with borderflag as shown in the picture)

water with border  * Red, White and Blue Water:  Yep, you heard that correctly, your water can even sport the colors of America this year.  This works best if you have a large, see-through water pitcher.  Simply freeze blueberries and place them in the bottom of the pitcher, add a generous helping of ice next and fill 3/4 of the way with water.  Add fresh strawberries to the top and voila, a refreshing burst of patriotism and a delicious hint of flavor to your water.

*  Red, White and Blue Rice Krispie Treats: You can’t forget to bring dessert to a cookout and anyone who has ever made rice krispie treats can attest that there is not much easier than making rice krispie treats.  All you need is 6 cups of rice krispie cereal, 1 package of marshmallows, 3 TBS of butter, and red and blue food coloring.  Follow these simple instructions to get a layered patriotic dessert that will be a hit with the adults as well as the kids.

* Red, White and Blue Martini: You will surely make plenty of friends with this fun and festive red, white and blue cocktail! Plus the ingredients won’t cost you an arm and a leg.  All you need is 2 oz hypnotiq, 1 oz citrus vodka, lemon lime soda, and grenadine.  Combine the first two ingredients and a splash of soda. Shake with ice and strain into your martini glass. Carefully pour in a small amount of grenadine. This should fall to the bottom of the glass, creating a nice layered effect. Add a white garnish like shaved coconut or white chocolate. Enjoy!

Top 10 Signs You Need a New Home

Sometimes we have a hard time seeing the signs that are right in front of us which is why I have compiled this list of ways you can tell it is time to start shopping for a new house!

* You’ve been pondering the idea of “building on.”  For anyone that has done this the time, effort, and money are rarely in your favor.  Instead finding a house  house add on with text that has the space you need makes much more financial sense.

* After the kids have moved out you can’t remember the last time you’ve even used their rooms, heck, you can’t even recall if you’ve been upstairs at all the past 2 weeks.  Instead of having to clean, heat, and maintain all of that unused space you may want to consider downsizing to a more manageable and practical home.

* You have broken up more than one fist fight over the use of the bathroom in the morning.  In an effort to keep family peace it may be time to find a home with more bathrooms.

* You pay a monthly fee at a storage unit for all of your over-flow “stuff”.  Clearly you are in desperate need for more storage in a new home.

* Driving 2 hours round trip to work has become second nature to you.  Why not reclaim that 10+ hours a week to actually do something you enjoy and move closer to your job.

* You’ve invested in a double dead-bolt, a motion light, and an alarm system and you still feel like your house is vulnerable when you leave.  It is clear that you need to move to a town with a much lower crime rate to allow for more peace of mind.

* It’s a race home for your family to see who gets to park in the garage on those cold winter nights.  Finding a home that has a garage big enough for all of your cars is not only nice and convenient but greatly extends the life of your automobiles as well.

* At the end of every month you are hoping and scraping together enough money to barely pay the mortgage.  Too much stress makes for a miserable life.  Instead lesson your burden and find a more financially manageable home before you get behind on your payments and lose the home entirely.

* For the past 8 years you have rented a lovely small home for $700 a month….wait, you just realized you have spent over $67,000 (enough to buy that lovely, small home) and have little to nothing to show for that.  Make the next 8 years count and find an affordable home you can take pride in.

* Last but not least… you are bored with your surroundings! A change of scenery is a wonderful thing.  New walls to decorate, new neighbors to meet, new experiences to be had!

Real Estate Terms that You Should Know Before You Buy a House

I think we are all guilty of speaking in our own “jargon” when at work.  For example; often times doctors will start talking to you about blood work man with question with textresults or medicines and it may seem as if they are speaking jibberish.  This is true for all professions and real estate is no exception.  I have selected a few terms that can be confusing or that I get questions about in an effort to help make the home buying process easier for you.  If you have any questions about other terms, procedures, or practices in home buying don’t hesitate to ask us!

* Assumable Mortgage: A home mortgage that allows the buyer to take over the seller’s mortgage; that is, to step into the seller’s shoes, make mortgage payments, and comply with other terms of the existing loan. Most lenders require the borrower to qualify for the mortgage in order to assume the mortgage.

* Balloon Mortgage: A mortgage that is not fully paid off over the loan term (such as five, seven, or ten years), leaving a balance at the end. The borrower must either pay off the remaining mortgage or refinance the loan.

* Adjustable Rate Mortgage: A mortgage loan with an interest rate that fluctuates in accordance with a designated market indicator — such as the weekly average of one-year U.S. Treasury Bills — over the life of the loan. To avoid constant and drastic fluctuations, ARMs typically limit how often and by how much the interest rate can vary.

* Contingency: A provision in a contract stating that some or all of the terms of the contract will be altered or voided by the occurrence of a specific event, usually by specific dates leading up to the closing. For example, a contingency in your home purchase contract might state that, if the buyer does not approve the inspection report of the physical condition of the property, the buyer does not have to complete the purchase. Or the seller might include a contingency asking for proof that the buyer is financially able to close the deal or for closing to be held off until the seller successfully finds another house to buy

* Disclosure: The making known of a fact that had previously been hidden; a revelation. In many states, a home seller must disclose major physical defects in the house within his or her knowledge, such as a leaky roof or potential flooding problem; and, in all states, sellers must disclose the presence of lead-based paint hazards in buildings constructed before 1978.

* Earnest Money Deposit (EDM) : A partial payment (deposit) demonstrating commitment in a contractual relationship, and commonly made in real estate transactions at the time of making the purchase offer. The remainder of the payment is due on the closing date. The seller keeps the earnest money if the buyer fails to make timely payment in full (or if there is a similar breach of the agreement).

* Escrow: The holding of funds or documents by a neutral third party prior to closing your home sale.

* PITI: Abbreviation for the major expenses that make up a mortgage payment: principal (the amount borrowed), interest, (property) taxes, and (homeowners’) insurance.

* Common Area Assessments: In some areas they are called Homeowners Association Fees. They are charges paid to the Homeowners Association by the owners of the individual units in a condominium or planned unit development (PUD) and are generally used to maintain the property and common areas.

Why I Love Pendleton in 10 Photos







“The beautiful downtown City Streets”








“The breath-taking Falls Park”









“The unbeatable school system”









“All of the fairs, festivals, and community fun”








“Local Traditions”

for the love







“The Amazing Way Our Community Supports One Another”











“The Dedicated People Who Help Make Pendleton Great”










“Nothing Beats a Saturday Afternoon Ball Game”






“The Brave Police and Fire Fighters of Our Town”









“The People (and pets) that Make Up the Town of Pendleton is Unlike Anywhere Else I’ve Been: The Town Has Captured My Heart”

One of Anderson’s Own Gives Back!

00937ASW Logo (No Shadow) Some people reach a level of success and forget about their roots but still others such as Hall of Fame songwriter Steve Wallace, like to celebrate their steve pichometown!  Steve did this in a big way with his award winning song “Anderson Speedway”, the current theme song for the local track.  The song, sung by Mark Sutton of Nashville, TN is now currently #1 in over 100 countries worldwide and has won 70 awards.  The streaming royalties from this song reached over $300 for the month of April and was generously donated over to the American Cancer Society.

To hear this beloved song you can click here or better yet you can win your very own limited edition CD single of the song on Track Talk which is hosted by Rick Dawson and Gary Mong and airs every Tues. night from 6:00-6:30 on either AM1240 WHBU and Fox Sports Radio 102.9FM in Muncie.  Be sure to check out some of the other great songs that Steve has written and lets support a true Hoosier!

New, New, New!

This NEW listing to hit the market is a must see! Located on Timberwood Cir. in Anderson this 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom has been completely timber collage with textremodeled.  It features a beautifully designed, open floor plan, a gas log fireplace, and a fully fenced in back yard! Despite some of the nicest homes on the market, often times home buyers will still have to fork out some money to update some things in a home… but not this house!

With NEW paint, NEW carpet throughout, NEW countertops, NEW sinks, NEW lighting fixtures, NEW windows, a NEWer roof, and a NEWer garage door this home is the pure definition of “move in ready.”  Plus you won’t have to spend any extra money once you have moved in.  The fully fenced in backyard is a must see and is ideal for that NEW puppy you’ve been wanting to get! Be sure to set up your personal tour now before this NEW listing becomes old news! Contact us today!