Top 10 Signs You Need a New Home

Sometimes we have a hard time seeing the signs that are right in front of us which is why I have compiled this list of ways you can tell it is time to start shopping for a new house!

* You’ve been pondering the idea of “building on.”  For anyone that has done this the time, effort, and money are rarely in your favor.  Instead finding a house  house add on with text that has the space you need makes much more financial sense.

* After the kids have moved out you can’t remember the last time you’ve even used their rooms, heck, you can’t even recall if you’ve been upstairs at all the past 2 weeks.  Instead of having to clean, heat, and maintain all of that unused space you may want to consider downsizing to a more manageable and practical home.

* You have broken up more than one fist fight over the use of the bathroom in the morning.  In an effort to keep family peace it may be time to find a home with more bathrooms.

* You pay a monthly fee at a storage unit for all of your over-flow “stuff”.  Clearly you are in desperate need for more storage in a new home.

* Driving 2 hours round trip to work has become second nature to you.  Why not reclaim that 10+ hours a week to actually do something you enjoy and move closer to your job.

* You’ve invested in a double dead-bolt, a motion light, and an alarm system and you still feel like your house is vulnerable when you leave.  It is clear that you need to move to a town with a much lower crime rate to allow for more peace of mind.

* It’s a race home for your family to see who gets to park in the garage on those cold winter nights.  Finding a home that has a garage big enough for all of your cars is not only nice and convenient but greatly extends the life of your automobiles as well.

* At the end of every month you are hoping and scraping together enough money to barely pay the mortgage.  Too much stress makes for a miserable life.  Instead lesson your burden and find a more financially manageable home before you get behind on your payments and lose the home entirely.

* For the past 8 years you have rented a lovely small home for $700 a month….wait, you just realized you have spent over $67,000 (enough to buy that lovely, small home) and have little to nothing to show for that.  Make the next 8 years count and find an affordable home you can take pride in.

* Last but not least… you are bored with your surroundings! A change of scenery is a wonderful thing.  New walls to decorate, new neighbors to meet, new experiences to be had!

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