The Importance of Community: In My Own Opinion

You may have seen us at many local events in town, the most recent being this weekend at the annual Heritage Fair and Fall Festival.  And while I would be pendleton with logolying if I didn’t acknowledge the business side to it all, the real motivation is for us to get out and get involved in our community.  Until I moved to Pendleton and  became a realtor, I have to admit that I didn’t fully understand the importance that community and camaraderie served in our everyday lives.  In fact, being able to meet new people, talk with my extended neighbors, appreciate the beauty of our town, explore different areas of our town, attend local events, and support local causes the best I can is the real reason that I love my job.

Generations ago a person’s community served a vital part in their lives.  They assisted one another, bartered goods, helped raised children, and went through tough times together as a team.  With our society now functioning at such a fast pace and having access to other outlets, somewhere along the way many of us have lost our dedication to our community.  Over the years, especially in my profession, I have met countless people who have never so much as met their next door neighbor! Not only is your neighbor one of your best allies against neighborhood crime but they can lend a cup of sugar, help get your mail while on vacation, and the person most likely to see you in your underwear when you lock yourself out grabbing the paper.  With potential like that it seems silly to not at least take the first step and introduce yourself.

We are very lucky to live in a town that still values community which is evident by the many events geared towards bringing our community closer together.  It is also displayed in the many random acts of kindness that I have witnessed over the years.  With that being said I’d like to issue a challenge to each of you to get more involved in our community.  This can be a silent challenge or you can message me your act, I’d love to hear them.  Here are some ideas to get you and your family more involved and help benefit our entire community:

* Introduce yourself to your neighbors (It doesn’t hurt to bring a little plate of cookies).  Even if you have been there for years it is never too late to make a new friend.

* Participate in a random act of kindness.  This can range from helping an elderly neighbor rake her leaves to cooking up an extra meal for a busy single mom!

* Attending community events.  The more people that come out and support these events helps to ensure that the events continue!

* Buying local.  Buying as many items locally as you can helps keep the money within our own community!

* Organizing a neighborhood or street cook-out or get together.  Sometimes all it takes is for someone to make the initial connection to help bring a community together.

* Volunteering.  We have many wonderful and worthwhile charities in our community and surrounding area.  I have forged some of my most meaningful relationships with people who have the same passion that I do while volunteering.






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