Local Business Spotlight: Zinszer Cookies

We have spotlighted quite a few businesses around town but none quite as sweet as Zinszer’s Cookies on Broadway.  For those of you who haven’t tasted one of zinszers with logotheir delicious cookies, you truly don’t know what you are missing.  And for those of you who have I’m sure you can vouch for the fact that they truly are some of the best cookies in the world.  But did you know that Zinszers is much more than their mouth watering, fresh cookies?  In fact, the bakers and decorators at Zinszer’s made some of the tastiest and cutest cupcakes for a couple of showers that I have thrown.  In addition their brownies and breads are delicious as well.  The best part is that now you can order these tasty treats online as well.  It is one of my favorite gifts to send, especially to those friends of mine that aren’t quite as lucky to live close to this town treasure.  Their corporate gifts are an ideal way to make a huge impact on a client or valued customer and I guarantee they won’t soon forget the best cookie they’ve ever had.  So next time you are throwing a birthday party, wedding shower, retirement party, having a family gathering, etc don’t forget to include Zinszer’s and make it a party everyone is sure to remember.


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