The Weather Outside is Frightful, But the Market is Still Delightful: Tips for Selling Your Home in the Winter

I think that at this point it is common knowledge that spring is the most common time that people decide to put their homes on winter house with logo the market.  But did you know there are also benefits to listing your home in the winter that those spring sellers are missing out on?  For example we simply have to look at the concept of supply and demand.  For those motivated buyers, those who have to move, and those who don’t mind the winter moving conditions your house will be one of the few to look at.  With fewer options means less competition and you have a better handle on the market.  Not only will you potentially get more traffic of perspective buyers but you know these buyers are motivated and can therefore negotiate better on your terms.  With that being said there are some ways to make your winter home more appealing.

* Be sure to always keep walkways and driveway cleared off when hosting open houses or having showings.  The last thing you want people to remember is trudging through the snow to make their way to your door.

* Keep the home warm.  The idea is to make the potential buyer are comfortable and cozy as possible in the winter.

* Open blinds and turn on all the lights.  You want to light up the home as much as possible on the dark and often dreary days of winter.

* Create a virtual experience of the home.  In the cold weather people are a bit pickier about which houses they want to venture out for.  Make sure yours is as appealing as possible online in order to get more potential buyers to actually come to the home.

Reasons that People Choose Not to Stage Their Home… Do These Apply to You?

I cannot stress enough the importance of staging your home to put it on the market.  While it doesn’t necessarily have to be staging wtih borderdone by a professional home stager (although it is recommended)  you can draw some tips from them to do yourself.  Despite the solid financial proof that home staging can increase the appeal, selling price, interest, and speed at which you sell your house there are still those doubters out there.  Here are a few of the reasons that many clients give for not wanting to stage their home.

* It costs too much: While there are undoubtedly costs associated with a professional home stager I have never seen the amount exceed the amount that we have had to reduce home prices due to lack of interest.  This is a prime example of having to spend money to make money.

* We can’t stage the house, we live in it: Believe it or not these are 2 things that can be done simultaneously.  In fact a professional home stager will stage your home, give you tips on keeping it show ready, and still leave all of the essentials for you to go about your everyday life.

* We want to put it on the market for awhile before we try home staging:  While in theory this sounds like a perfectly logical and conservative plan.  Unfortunately we as humans base most of our existence off of first impressions.  If a potential buyer sees your home (un-staged) and weren’t thrilled with what they saw there is not much of a chance they will even take a second look if you stage your home after a few months on the market.  In their head they have already crossed your home off the list.

* Everyone loves our house: While this may be true (or they may just be being nice) the fact of the matter is that today’s buyers are looking for specific things.  I think it is hard for sellers (myself included) to wrap their head around the fact that someone could find something wrong with this beautiful home they have poured their time, money, and effort into.  By allowing an unbiased person such as a home stager to spruce up your home you are helping to ensure that you are adhering to what home buyers are looking for.

* We can declutter and clean the home ourselves: Great… and you should! But (and this is a big but…) there is much more to home staging than simply removing things.  A professional home stager can distinguish between clutter and an asset, can find the balance between decluttered and barren, and understand the importance of highlighting desirable architectural features, lighting, and flow of furniture.

If You Are What You Eat Than Call Me Pizza

There are few foods out there that instill the excitement and anticipation in eaters young and old quite the same way that pizza does.  In fact it is pizzapmpretty impossible to have a “bad piece of pizza.”  With that being said there are those pizzas that stand out above the rest, the kind that have a uniqueness and flavor that seems impossible to replicate.  Fortunately for me and other pizza lovers alike there are a plethora of amazing pizza joints in Anderson.  While the typical Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and Pizza King’s are all delicious in their own way I am partial to the local pizza places that each contribute their own flare. Out of pure curiosity I am wondering what you all think is the best pizza locale in town.  Choose your answer below!

The Animal Protection League: Protecting and Rescuing our Four-Legged Friends

As I’m sure many of you know, animal rescue is a cause that is near and dear to my heart.  Not too long ago I worked as a co-director of the aplimageAnimal Protection League and am still amazed at all of the big strides they have made with animal rescue in our community.  Not only has the director, Maleah Stringer, implemented the FIDO and the 9 Lives programs which partner prisoners with adoptable animals but she has helped push ordinances through that punishes those who abuse our four legged friends.  Unfortunately, there is still much to be done in our community to raise awareness and find forever homes for our unwanted, abused, neglected, and forgotten animals.  It amazes me still every time I walk into the doors of the shelter just how many dogs and cats have been surrendered or abandoned.  Almost all of these animals would make wonderful family pets if only given the chance.

In an attempt to do my part to raise money and awareness of the ongoing animal over-population I have partnered up with the APL.  For every tootieFacebook “like” from now until the end of the year I will donate $1.00 to the APL (up to $500).  This is just a small way in which I can help and encourage everyone to find ways to donate their time, money, or expertise to this worthwhile cause! I also encourage you to visit their website to not only check out the adoptable pets but also see the different programs and fundraisers that they currently have in place!