Reasons that People Choose Not to Stage Their Home… Do These Apply to You?

I cannot stress enough the importance of staging your home to put it on the market.  While it doesn’t necessarily have to be staging wtih borderdone by a professional home stager (although it is recommended)  you can draw some tips from them to do yourself.  Despite the solid financial proof that home staging can increase the appeal, selling price, interest, and speed at which you sell your house there are still those doubters out there.  Here are a few of the reasons that many clients give for not wanting to stage their home.

* It costs too much: While there are undoubtedly costs associated with a professional home stager I have never seen the amount exceed the amount that we have had to reduce home prices due to lack of interest.  This is a prime example of having to spend money to make money.

* We can’t stage the house, we live in it: Believe it or not these are 2 things that can be done simultaneously.  In fact a professional home stager will stage your home, give you tips on keeping it show ready, and still leave all of the essentials for you to go about your everyday life.

* We want to put it on the market for awhile before we try home staging:  While in theory this sounds like a perfectly logical and conservative plan.  Unfortunately we as humans base most of our existence off of first impressions.  If a potential buyer sees your home (un-staged) and weren’t thrilled with what they saw there is not much of a chance they will even take a second look if you stage your home after a few months on the market.  In their head they have already crossed your home off the list.

* Everyone loves our house: While this may be true (or they may just be being nice) the fact of the matter is that today’s buyers are looking for specific things.  I think it is hard for sellers (myself included) to wrap their head around the fact that someone could find something wrong with this beautiful home they have poured their time, money, and effort into.  By allowing an unbiased person such as a home stager to spruce up your home you are helping to ensure that you are adhering to what home buyers are looking for.

* We can declutter and clean the home ourselves: Great… and you should! But (and this is a big but…) there is much more to home staging than simply removing things.  A professional home stager can distinguish between clutter and an asset, can find the balance between decluttered and barren, and understand the importance of highlighting desirable architectural features, lighting, and flow of furniture.

The Importance and Impact of Home Staging

One mistake that many home sellers make is assuming that a perspective buyer can use their imagination to see the full potential of a space mccloy staging pmor home.  In fact, a big open space can almost be overwhelming unless there is at least a hint of possibilities in the room.  This is where home staging comes in.  By eliminating the clutter and either organizing your furniture and decor or bringing in their own, in a creative and eye-pleasing way you can transform a once so-so space into a home that people will be clamoring to see.  According to “The Times”, home staging can increase prices from 2-10% in a moderate market and up to 50% in hot markets or for luxury homes.  With numbers like these the amount that it would cost to pay a home stager is well worth it.  Since a big portion of home shopping takes place online it is key to have pictures that are eye catching and stand out among the other homes.  By hiring a home stager to use their expertise to adds pops of color and inviting lay-outs you have a much better chance of garnering interest and in turn selling your home much quicker.

I have been a big fan of Jessica of Designs by J! Just check out the picture of her recent renovation on one of our Pendleton homes for sale. (417 McCloy Dr.)  Not only does she offer the service of home staging but for those of you looking to spruce up your current home, in a short amount of time she can make a big, positive impact.  She is graciously extending an offer to all of my clients for 10% off of their home staging needs.  I cannot stress enough how wonderful she is to work with and how using her services will undoubtedly speed up your home selling process.

Decorating Using Things You Already Have

Decorating your home can be an expensive endeavor, especially when trends and styles change so quickly.  Why not use some of the things you have around the house or have already been collecting to make a statement piece, an accent wall, or a conversational piece without coffeemugwallinvesting a fortune?  Here are a few of my favorite, inexpensive ways that people have decorated their homes.  I would love to hear/see some of your ideas as well.

* The coffee mug wall:  Most of us can relate to having multiple coffee mugs that are mismatched.  Instead of hiding them in a cabinet why not embrace the uniqueness of each mug and display them on rows of shelving.  This would be ideal for a statement wall in a breakfast nook or even the blank space above the sink.  Short on mugs? Most rummage sales I’ve ever seen have a mug or two in them and Goodwill is a treasure trove of discarded coffee mugs.

jewelryframe* Why just show off your fun and colorful jewelry when you are wearing it? Jewelry is a modern and quirky way to decorate your bedroom.  All you need is some empty picture frames to hang on the wall.  Make sure that you have removed the glass and backing to the frames.  With small finishing nails, tacks, or pins simply hang your jewelry from the wall inside of the frame.  It looks even better when you pair like jewelry together and similar colors together.  key

* If you are looking to create a simple, inexpensive, but eye catching piece of art work than look no further than some old skeleton keys.  These are another good flea market find.  To create this one of a kind look outline an area in pencil that you want to include the keys in.  Hang the keys facing every which way within the parameters of the outline.  Once you are finished hanging all of the keys you will have a wonderful conversational piece of decor!