2,000 Square Ft, Privacy, Versatile… Don’t Miss This One!

I’m sure we could all use some extra space in our house…what about some land with privacy and a very open and beautiful floor plarhonda collage with logon? Do you want all this for an affordable price (under 120k)? Then don’t pass up this gorgeous, updated ranch home located near the casino.  The kitchen is absolutely breathtaking with its new flooring, counter-tops, lighting, and fixtures and the adjoining sunroom is an ideal place to enjoy your morning cup of coffee.  This would be the perfect house for kids with 3 bedrooms, lots of yard to play in, and still conveniently located.  With new gutters, landscaping, and fresh paint throughout this home is a steal… Schedule your personal tour today!


Want to Save Up for a Down-Payment? Here Are Some Easy to Tips To Do Just That

If you are in the market for a new home one way you can reduce your monthly mortgage payments is to have a substantial downpayment at the saving for home downpaymenttime of purchase. Some lenders may even require a certain percentage as a downpayment. Unfortunately, saving money is not the easiest thing for most of us to do! But here are some tips to help you save up money quickly!

*Ask…. I know it sounds simple but you wouldn’t believe the discounts I have gotten from my cell phone carrier, cable and internet provider, insurance, doctor bills, and paper delivery all by making a phone call. While in some cases you may have to give up some of your higher quality services such as lowering your internet speed a bit most of the time they will just offer you a promotion they have going on or figure out a way to save you a bit of money each month. Lets say you are able to save just $20 a month from each of these providers. Over the course of 6 months you will have saved $600, a great start to a downpayment!
*Cut coupons and shop sales for your groceries. Coupons can be really helpful but if you aren’t the couponing type then at least consider buying store brand items or discounted products. Most of the time the product is the same and you can save nearly 40% by eliminating name brand. If you usually spend $100 a week at the grocery ($400 per month) but now you start browsing the ads for sales, buying off brand, and looking for discounted products you can bring your grocery bill to $60 a week ($240 per month) a savings of a whopping $160 a month which means $960 over the course of 6 months!
*Avoiding the little expenditures is another key in saving up that much needed extra money. We all know you have to pay the basic bills and there’s not a whole lot you can do about that but the “extras” need to stop or slow down while you are saving. For example if you skipped getting your morning Starbucks for 6 months you could save $720. That’s a lot of money for a quick morning fix. Quitting smoking is not only healthy but another great way to save that extra money.
*Last but not least, in an effort to save money it seems obvious that making more money is another great way. You can do this many different ways. One of the easiest and quickest ways is to sell some of your old items you are no longer using. The popularity of Facebook rummage sites is growing and is a very effective way to sell unwanted goods. Craigslist, ebay, and Amazon are also great tools to use to make some extra money. Once you have cleared out your closets and attic you may want to explore the idea of offering your services. Instead of going out to dinner this Saturday night and spending money why not offer up some babysitting services. Some other ideas to make a few extra bucks are: dog sitting, mowing yards, organizing, donating plasma, cleaning houses, doing taxes, running errands, and the list goes on. Depending on how often you do these you could easily make an extra $300 per month or $1,500 over 6 months.

By doing these simple suggestions and watching your money more closely you should be able to save $3,780 without making too many lifestyle changes. A great down payment for some houses! If you are thinking of buying soon contact us for even more tips on preparing for home ownership.

A House for Your Health

 may11It is not too often that you hear about the health benefits that can come from purchasing a new home but that’s because there aren’t many homes on the market quite as remarkable as this beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home in Pendleton.  And how is a house good for your overall health you may ask?  Well for starters this home boasts over 3700 square feet so simply maneuvering around your home will help you burn calories and get you moving!

Beyond just moving around this house can also help with your waistline by may22featuring a culinary inspired kitchen with a huge granite island.  Having the space and means to cook and create healthy meals helps to motivate even the most novice of chefs to feed their family home cooked meals.  With a beautiful dining room that opens to the large and spacious living room you have the perfect place to entertain.  As we all know, maintaining close friendships is not only rewarding in itself but helps your mental health by keeping you happy and involved.  When it comes to your health you cannot overlook your need for peace and serenity and with the beautiful master bedroom with equally as beautiful and relaxing master bedroom overlooking your breathtaking wooded lot, you will feel your stresses melt away. 

Last but not least anxiety is a real drag on your mental health as well as your overall health and one of the biggest contributors to anxiety is clutter and disorganization.  Luckily with this home you will never have to worry about not having enough closet space, storage, or organization again.  Not only does this house have not one but two laundry rooms to help keep your clothes organized and clean but it also features a mud room with built in planning desk and cubbies, especially handy for busy parents.  So do something good for you for a change and consider this one of a kind home for a lifetime of health and happiness. 

New Lending Program for Those Home-Buyers That Have Already Faced Foreclosure

foreclosureLet’s face it, so very many of us are just a few paychecks away from facing financial turmoil.  So with the loss of a job or a significant decrease in income it’s no surprise that many people face foreclosure or a short-sale option.  Often times within a year or so the previous home owner is back on his or her feet and ready to regain home-ownership in an affordable house.  Unfortunately the typical waiting period to get an FHA mortgage after a foreclosure is at least 3 years and even that is dependent upon how quickly the paperwork is filed.  Fortunately there is a new lending program in place that will reduce this waiting period to one year so that you are able to regain your way of life and create some roots for your family.  With this amazing program does come some requirements.  The first requirement is that you are able to provide documentation showing loss of employment or a reduction of your income by at least 20%.  During this shortened one year waiting period you would also be required to have no late housing payments (rent), no more than 30 day late payment on all other accounts, and no accounts in collection.  If you feel you can meet these simple requirements and want to take the next step to regaining your old life quicker than you ever thought possible than contact us to help get you started in the right direction.