The Keller Williams Associate Leadership Council

Have you ever wondered what exactly it is that makes Keller Williams realty such a different and innovative company? Aside from their dedication and councilcommitment to each and every agent, the intensity and follow through of their training to ensure each agent has the opportunity to succeed, is their dynamic idea for their Associate Leadership Council.  This council consists of the top 20% of the agent bodies in the market centers.  The purpose of this council is to give the agents a vehicle for giving direct input as to the operation of our day to day business as well as our overall goals.  And really who knows and understand the needs of their clients better than the agents that serve them.  I am proud to say that I serve on the council as part of the education committee.  Being part of this council has only strengthened my belief in our company and its ability to maintain itself as a powerhouse and the largest real estate company with the most agents.

With all of that being said, it’s no secret that I love my job and you can too!  If you are a self motivated person, someone who desires a flexible schedule, and enjoys being part of a fun and dedicated team then real estate may be the job you’ve been looking for.  If you are interested in a potential career in real estate please contact me to attend a free, informative session to help answer all of your questions! I look forward to hearing from you and hope to have the opportunity to work with you!


Income Property: Now is the Time to Start that Business You’ve Always Wanted

What has been stopping you from becoming your own boss and starting that business that you’ve always dreamed of?  Is it not having an affordable location for mlk collage with logoit?  If so then we have your solution! This 4.55 acre site has easy access to the interstate, Flagship, and Nestle.  Plus it already houses a 2 unit rental home that you can rent out to help with any overhead payments.  It is already zoned for business so getting the permits should be easy.  Now all you have to do is take the plunge and finally make an investment in your future and your happiness.  With the potential economic growth coming to Anderson now is the time to invest while the prices are still low.  If you have any questions about this property or want to take a look around feel free to call us (317-572-5589) and we would be happy to show you around.

Local Business Spotlight: Zinszer Cookies

We have spotlighted quite a few businesses around town but none quite as sweet as Zinszer’s Cookies on Broadway.  For those of you who haven’t tasted one of zinszers with logotheir delicious cookies, you truly don’t know what you are missing.  And for those of you who have I’m sure you can vouch for the fact that they truly are some of the best cookies in the world.  But did you know that Zinszers is much more than their mouth watering, fresh cookies?  In fact, the bakers and decorators at Zinszer’s made some of the tastiest and cutest cupcakes for a couple of showers that I have thrown.  In addition their brownies and breads are delicious as well.  The best part is that now you can order these tasty treats online as well.  It is one of my favorite gifts to send, especially to those friends of mine that aren’t quite as lucky to live close to this town treasure.  Their corporate gifts are an ideal way to make a huge impact on a client or valued customer and I guarantee they won’t soon forget the best cookie they’ve ever had.  So next time you are throwing a birthday party, wedding shower, retirement party, having a family gathering, etc don’t forget to include Zinszer’s and make it a party everyone is sure to remember.

2,000 Square Ft, Privacy, Versatile… Don’t Miss This One!

I’m sure we could all use some extra space in our house…what about some land with privacy and a very open and beautiful floor plarhonda collage with logon? Do you want all this for an affordable price (under 120k)? Then don’t pass up this gorgeous, updated ranch home located near the casino.  The kitchen is absolutely breathtaking with its new flooring, counter-tops, lighting, and fixtures and the adjoining sunroom is an ideal place to enjoy your morning cup of coffee.  This would be the perfect house for kids with 3 bedrooms, lots of yard to play in, and still conveniently located.  With new gutters, landscaping, and fresh paint throughout this home is a steal… Schedule your personal tour today!


Local Business Spotlight: Girt’s Archery

Long before Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) brought archery back into forefront of sports where it belongs, Girt’s Archery has been around since 1998 girts picserving the avid bow hunter and novice alike.  Located downtown Anderson Girt’s is a full service archery pro shop that also features a 20 yard shooting lane and an indoor 3D range.  They also offer leagues for spot shooters and 3D shooters.  They carry an unbeatable array of brands and accessories which you can browse in their store or check out their online store for supplies shipped directly to your home.  The knowledgeable staff are always willing to help and the low pressure atmosphere will make even the most novice archer at ease.  Check out the benefits of archery below and stop in at Girt’s to continue our mission of supporting local businesses!

* Archery is a sport that is open to all.  This includes able bodied as well as disabled people.

* Archery helps improve focus and discipline.  Many children have benefited from the sport and carried on what they have learned into other aspects of their life.

* Archery is relatively inexpensive.

* Archery is an indoor and outdoor sport.

* Archery improves self confidence.

…. and the list goes on!


The Importance of Community: In My Own Opinion

You may have seen us at many local events in town, the most recent being this weekend at the annual Heritage Fair and Fall Festival.  And while I would be pendleton with logolying if I didn’t acknowledge the business side to it all, the real motivation is for us to get out and get involved in our community.  Until I moved to Pendleton and  became a realtor, I have to admit that I didn’t fully understand the importance that community and camaraderie served in our everyday lives.  In fact, being able to meet new people, talk with my extended neighbors, appreciate the beauty of our town, explore different areas of our town, attend local events, and support local causes the best I can is the real reason that I love my job.

Generations ago a person’s community served a vital part in their lives.  They assisted one another, bartered goods, helped raised children, and went through tough times together as a team.  With our society now functioning at such a fast pace and having access to other outlets, somewhere along the way many of us have lost our dedication to our community.  Over the years, especially in my profession, I have met countless people who have never so much as met their next door neighbor! Not only is your neighbor one of your best allies against neighborhood crime but they can lend a cup of sugar, help get your mail while on vacation, and the person most likely to see you in your underwear when you lock yourself out grabbing the paper.  With potential like that it seems silly to not at least take the first step and introduce yourself.

We are very lucky to live in a town that still values community which is evident by the many events geared towards bringing our community closer together.  It is also displayed in the many random acts of kindness that I have witnessed over the years.  With that being said I’d like to issue a challenge to each of you to get more involved in our community.  This can be a silent challenge or you can message me your act, I’d love to hear them.  Here are some ideas to get you and your family more involved and help benefit our entire community:

* Introduce yourself to your neighbors (It doesn’t hurt to bring a little plate of cookies).  Even if you have been there for years it is never too late to make a new friend.

* Participate in a random act of kindness.  This can range from helping an elderly neighbor rake her leaves to cooking up an extra meal for a busy single mom!

* Attending community events.  The more people that come out and support these events helps to ensure that the events continue!

* Buying local.  Buying as many items locally as you can helps keep the money within our own community!

* Organizing a neighborhood or street cook-out or get together.  Sometimes all it takes is for someone to make the initial connection to help bring a community together.

* Volunteering.  We have many wonderful and worthwhile charities in our community and surrounding area.  I have forged some of my most meaningful relationships with people who have the same passion that I do while volunteering.





Local Business Spotlight: Cooper’s Sport Bowl

I would be willing to bet that there are very few places in town that provide as much fun, family friendly entertainment than Coopers Sport Bowl.  Opened in bowling with logo1959 by Charles Cooper, it is now recognized as the largest bowling center in Madison County.  Throughout its decades long run as a hot spot in Anderson it has remained family owned with the 3rd generation now overseeing day to day operation.  Coopers boasts 44 lanes in which everyone from the professional to the novice bowler and even kids with the bowling bumpers will feel welcomed.  But in addition to hosting multiple leagues, tournaments, cosmic bowling and open time bowling Coopers also has a plethora of other activities.  Their “Gone Bananas” arcade is ideal for kids (and kids at heart) of all ages and they have a private party room which would be ideal for hosting a birthday party, bridal shower, or business lunch.  And speaking of lunch/dinner, you must stop by and enjoy a wonderful meal at the attached restaurant/pub Shout’s.  And if you haven’t already, you must try their famous tenderloin!

Overall Cooper’s Sport Bowl provides entertainment and fun for all ages in a family friendly atmosphere.  The next time you are trying to find something to do in town don’t forget about one of the places that helped start it all! We hope to see you there!

Turn-Offs for Potential Buyers

There are a few things that you can have or do to your home that can be a turn off to potential buyers if you are looking to sell.  This is not to say that you dinosaur with logoshouldn’t do them if you and your family will get enjoyment out of it but just to make you aware of the potential negative impact it can have on resell.

* Putting carpet over hardwood floors: Most people prefer hardwood floors over nearly any other type of flooring.  Not only do they look sleeker and more modern but they help the entire house look cleaner.  If you are lucky enough to have hardwood floors throughout your home the last thing you want to do is cover them up.

* A garage turned into something else: Whether you’ve turned your garage into an extra room, a gym, or an artist studio chances are a potential buyer will not be nearly as impressed.  Having a safe and secure place to park a car is a top requirement for many home seekers and the likelihood that they are also interested in an indoor gym is slim.  The garage is also a place that people think of as storage and by eliminating its original use you force buyers to look elsewhere.

* Kids rooms that are overly decorated: Sure little Timmy loves dinosaurs but the big t-rex mural on the wall and the neon carpet may be a bit too loud for a potential home buyer to overlook.  Before putting your home on the market it may be wise to turn your dinosaur oasis into a more muted room.

* An Above ground pool: (or even an in-ground pool):  Unless the potential buyer is an avid pool lover most people see a maintenance issue or a potential liability  when they look at a pool.

* Pet supplies: While we are certainly not advocating getting rid of your four legged friends (they are family after all) when putting your home on the market you may want to keep their toys, bowls, litter boxes, etc a bit more out of site.

* Cigarette smoke: This may be the biggest turn off to date for any potential buyer.  This is because in order to fully get rid of the smell you have to replace carpet, window coverings, paint, etc. which can be an expensive and time consuming project.

Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Realtor to Sell Your Home!

While saving money is usually the smart thing to do you also have to accept that you get what you pay for.  This is especially true when it comes to hiring a house for sale kwrealtor to sell your home.  Sometimes people want to cut corners and take a swing at the real estate market themselves.  Unfortunately this can often result in countless headaches and financial disaster.  Here are the top 3 (of a very long list) of reasons you should hire a realtor to represent you and protect your assets in the entire home selling process.

* Realtors have access to better marketing tools.  We are able to get your home listed on multiple home selling websites that get milllions of viewers that for sale by owner homes do not have access to.  Additionally we are knowledgeable in the best techniques to reach the most potential buyers and therefore ideally get a quicker sell at a higher price.

* Hiring a realtor is also a much safer option.  The realtor is able to help weed out the riffraff when it comes to showing your home.  They are able to find out if the potential buyer is pre-approved and if not then can eliminate any time wasting.  Without the assistance of a realtor you are simply inviting anyone and everyone into your home potentially leaving yourself and your home very vulnerable.

* A realtor knows the tricks of the trade.  We are able to walk into your house and suggest simple improvements or updates that you can do to help your house sell.  We have a great deal more experience than the average home seller and are able to capitalize on our knowledge for your gain!

Top 5 Things Every Home Buyer Should Do

Buying a house is an exciting time but it can also be stressful.  Be sure to follow these 5 tips to ensure a smoother home buying process!  cartoon house with logo

* Get a home inspection!  This will be the smartest money you have ever spent.  Before you invest your hard earned money in a home you want to be entirely sure that the home is sturdy, up to code, safe, and free of need for expensive repairs!

* Get pre-approved for a mortgage loan BEFORE you start house hunting.  There is nothing worse than falling in love with a house out of your price range or having a home bought before you can get the paperwork together for the loan.  Being prepared can make all the difference!

* Make a realistic wish list of what you can afford.  Rank the things that are most important at the top.  The fact is that most homes are not going to meet your every whim but as long as they have the essentials you don’t want to rule it out.

* Get everything in writing.  While you want to believe that you can trust everyone on their word it is simply a smarter business decision to have everything in writing.  Specifically you will want the sellers to put every component of the deal on paper.

* Let your realtor do your talking.  Any communication with the seller should go through your realtor as to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstanding.  Your realtor has experience dealing with sellers and other agents and is better equipped to handle the nitty gritty of the real estate world.